History of Singa Sakti Cimande

Established in 1976, Singo Lue is one of the most prestigous Perguruan (Pencak Silat Schools) in Suriname. “Pak” Randy van Zichem learned this Betawi/Cimande style from AlMarhum Pendekar Kemin Tembong Amatsaili. As an indentured laborer fresh off the boat from the Dutch East Indies (this was way before the 1945 establishment of the Republic of Indonesia), he often had to use silat to survive, thus field testing and refining his style.

Bapak Hariyanto
Between 1984-1986 renowned Indonesian diplomat AlMarhum Bapak Hariyanto MW provided an opportunity for Pak to expand his Silat in Indonesia. This was the beginning of an ongoing process of revising, merging and expanding of Pak’s Style and other influences. Sampling many Silat styles, Pak immersed himself in Panca Sakti, a Betawi/Cimande style, led by Pendekar Haji Mohammad Rifai Sahib. Pendekar Rifai introduced Pak to the Dewan Pendekar in Cimande, Bogor, where Pak trained with the Keepers of the Style. In the years that followed, Pak made his acquaintance with Tetada Kalimasada, Al Barokah and Satria Nusantara, styles that emphasize the development of Tenaga Dalam (lit. Inner Power, considered soft, internal Martial Arts by some.)

All the while
In between everything, Pak managed to deeply engage in Judo, Brazilian Jujutsu, Tai Ki Ken and Tai Chi Chuan (Yang and Chen style).